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Cambridge SUP Yoga Season 2023 - Milton Country Park

StrongSuppleSound dates for SUP Yoga in Cambridge for April to September Season

I can't believe that it is mid March already, especially since there has been snow today just in time for the weekend. The great thing about the rain and snow of the last few days however is this is the type of weather than really freshens up and boosts volume on our lovely watersports lake in Milton. In just over 2 weeks I am looking forward to running a Friday night session as an introduction to the practice of SUP Yoga.

I've been leading SUP yoga in Cambridge since 2019. Many of those hearing this are initially unsure about how the practice of yoga transfers to a paddleboard and the most common response is to be certain that falling in is a given.

To be honest, gettting in the water can be huge fun in mid summer. However, early and late season, the real pleasure in yoga on a paddle board is simply the being in nature, outside on water, in the elements. The sessions are designed to relax, to promote enjoyment in being outdoors and to have fun. Practitioners almost never fall in unless they are tryng very hard to do that. But there are so many benefits for mind and body in a SUP yoga session.

The season proper will kick off after Easter, but I'm running an introductory session Friday 1st April at 6pm at Milton. This is at a much reduced rate for anyone who would like to give it a try but is a little uncertain. I would love to see you there or at one of the sessions once season starts. Bookable here:

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