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Quarter One, So Far so Good - Let Quarter Two Commence

On 1st May this year I went self employed. It had taken me a long time to take the plunge, although the enthusiasm and desire to do that had been long present. The journey in loving the outdoors started when I was very small, but truth be told it was probably re-ignited in essence by daily walking with my dog Ronnie through the countryside. I have Ronnie to thank for reminding me why we need to be in nature, and why I, in particular, needed to no longer be in an office.

So then, oh my goodness, I went for every opportunity thrown my way. I had been teaching yoga since 2015 and knew how much I loved sharing that passion. But opportunities to be outside came thick and fast: SUP (standup paddleboarding) and so of course SUP yoga; "wild" or open water swimming; lots of biking; lots of walking; more recently kayak and canoe. The adventures shared with so many amazing people, old and young, very fit and not so fit, from lots of backgrounds, with lots of stories. I can't quite wait for what comes next -- the only thing that matters is the nature connection. I've written a bit about that previously, my sense that we are nature ourselves, indoors or outdoors.

With all that going on, my first forays into finding a way to earn my crust has been a bit of trial and error. But is now beginning to settle down, for the summer months at least. My next quarter contains a bit of the following.

SUP Yoga

Having taught 3 seasons of SUP yoga already at Milton Country Park, and a little later than anticipated (due to covid), I have now qualified as a level 3 SUP Yoga teacher with the SUPTA - Training Academy and I'm brimming with new ideas and enthusiasm for sharing the wonders of yoga on a paddleboard. For all your SUP yoga needs in Cambridgeshire, you know where to come :)

Yoga Outdoors

Milton Country Park is my favourite wild space, a solace, and a support and employment home to a wonderful bunch of people. It was at MCP that I was enabled to pilot the first yoga outdoors sessions and learned a lot about the art of taking practice in groups outside. So this experience has informed Yoga Outdoors at additional venues and I've been thrilled to work in particular at some spectacular locations abundant in historical mystique and natural beauty.

Open Yoga - Local Yoga

I've had the time and the absolute joy of returning to teach at Milton Community Centre on a Monday night. There is nothing more sustaining and nurturing than a regular group meet up of people to practice yoga in a local facility and this class continues to be a source of huge pleasure to lead.

I also thoroughly enjoyed a foray into zoom teaching from January to the end of May. I do feel that the group sessions held with a wonderful set of yogis really boosted me through the final push of lockdown and I can't thank you all enough. I think the photos below show how much I enjoyed it.

Studio Yoga

I have had the pleasure in my years of teaching to lead studio classes at some of Cambridge's fantastic yoga studios and fitness centres. In February 2020, of course, many of us halted our regular routines. For me this included a Friday night studio class at Chesterton Sports Centre, which I had taught since 2015 and was really the highlight of my week. I am delighted to say that this class returns on Friday 6th August at 7pm.

One to One

I'd always been interested in one to one work. I am that kind of person - I like to be able to have a conversation, a communication, with anyone I work with. Finally, now I have the time to offer some one to one sessions, and these have become a real highlight of my week.

Other Water and Earth Education

Some of the varied CPD I've been lucky enough to undertake this year has included qualification with British Canoe as a Paddlesports Instructor to run sessions with kayaks and canoes, as well as SUP (paddleboard) instruction. It is really an extension of the being outdoorsness. In a similar vein I've taken some training with The Greenlight Trust in Earth Education and now offer an experience called "Earth Walk" designed to delight participants of all ages together with the thrill of nature, plants, animals, weather, and elemental experiences.

And so, these are my offerings for the next quarter of my different journey in 2021. I really can't thank you enough for travelling with me for the first 3 months and I really can't wait to see you at events unfolding for August through October. Happy travels in the great outdoors, or happy travels in exploring the universe within, so thrilled to walk that with you all.

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