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SUP Yoga - (Can't) Wait for Next Season!

SUP yoga is generally a seasonal activity, taking place through the warmer months of the year - usually that means April to September or October if we are lucky. At the end of the summer season, sometimes it feels good to have a break, that natural yin and yang of the seasons feels right, and the hygge pull of cosy weekends in snuggling seems attractive.

In my experience though, it really doesn't take long for thoughts to turn to getting on the water again. So I have been doing just that and looking ahead to 2022 and I am really delighted to partner with Hatha Paddleboards. Do take a look at their super offerings. At the time of writing they have a short sale.

Of course it is fine, cost effective and practical to hire equipment for your sup yoga practice. However, if you have REALLY got the bug and would like to consider asking for a paddleboard of your own for Christmas use my code SSS30 for a £30 discount off one of their beauties. However we ride, however we practice, I am so much looking forward to getting back on the water with you soon.

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