• strongsupplesound

Weathering the Outdoors

I've not got a driving license, for a variety of reasons too boring to explore here. The upshot of this is that, apart from lifts and some public transport, I have travelled my entire life on Shank's pony and my trusty bike(s). There are huge benefits. When I was young I recall a 40 minute walk to school and back daily. I had the option of a lift but refused it. I loved the time, the peace, the headspace, even then. I loved the weather, the daily exposure to the elements. Many days I started lessons in damp (sometimes very wet) clothes which would gradually dry as the day passed. I didn't really notice the discomfort, it was part of my everyday. It is interesting that now as a mum I will appeal to my offspring to don a coat, to dress for weather usually to a frustrating refusal. Perhaps it is a family trait.