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Julie Davies

Professional Training Record

This page details some of the varied teacher training and development I have undertaken from the beginning of my yoga, movement, and teaching journey.

Paddle UK Core Coach Disclipline Specific Training 

April 2024

SUP Sheltered Water Coach

Embodied Wisdom Series -   Andrea Kwiatowski

April to June 2023

9 hours of study relating to texts central to yoga. Focus on Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, and Upanishads.

Camyoga - Art of Assists CPD

April 2023

2nd in series of workshops for yoga teachers looking at specific asana and energetics of assisting in poses

Sadhana Workshop - Santosha Yoga

March 2023

Study of the 7 Bhumikas

Sadhana Workshop - Santosha Yoga

May 2023

Study of the 9 Stages of Bhakti

A Comprehensive History of Yoga: Research and Scholarship with Graham Burns, Amelia Wood. YogaCampus

January 2023 - March 23

CPD looking at yoga and how the meaning of the term developed through the ages.   Historical background to the rise of yoga. Looking at Yogic ideas and references to yoga in the Upaniṣads and the Mahābhārata.  Yoga system of Patañjali. The yoga practices of the early tantrics.  Origins and hallmarks of early haṭha yoga.  Rāja yoga and its relationship with haṭha yoga. Asana, and modern postural yoga. 
 The interaction of yoga with fitness, religion and politics.

Santosha Yoga - Art of Sequencing Course

February 2023

CPD on the art of sequencing in yoga sessions

British Canoe -  Core Coach Award

February 2023

Discipline Specific Training focuses on  how to coach technical and tactical skills. Helping coaches to plan and deliver safe, enjoyable, progressive coaching sessions and exploring specifics to help coaches coach some typical learners relevant to standup paddleboard.

Sadhana Workshop - Santosha Yoga

January 2023

Short study of 3 Gunas

RYA Powerboat Level 2 License

March 2022

2 day intensive at Bray Lake - Powerboat Level 2

BSUPA Level 2 - Tour and Race Instructor

February 2022

Level 2 instructor qualification with British Stand-up Paddleboard Association.  Training to coach groups in race prep and to take groups on tours.

SUPTA - SUP Yoga Qualification Level 3

July 2021

SUP yoga teacher training accredited by BSUPA and E-RYT 500 Yoga Alliance to teach in accordance with paddlesport qualification criteria.

FAA Level 3 Award in Outdoor First Aid (RQF)

18 July 2021

First Aid meeting requirements of the Health and Safety Regulations (First Aid) 1981.  Valid for 3 years. Matched with IOL statement of Good Practice on Outdoor First Aid at Band 3.

British Canoe Paddlesport Instructor

May 2021

Qualification with British Canoe to run sessions on sheltered water for multi-craft.  Kayak, Canoe, and Standup Paddleboard.

Earthwalks Workshop with Jon Cree

29th March 2021

One day workshop on earth education and earth walk leadership from The Greenlight Trust

Sadhana Workshop - Santosha Yoga

March 2021

Short study of Gītā Dhyāna and points on teaching beginner vinyasa

Sadhana Workshop - Santosha Yoga

January 2021

Study of the Radiance Sutras

Foundation Safety and Rescue Training

March 2020

British Canoeing - Certificate CR247438

BSUPA Level One Paddleboard Instructor


BSUPA course to teach the Ready to Ride stand up paddle board course.

Insight Yoga Level 1 - Sarah Powers

July 2018

64 hour intensive Level 1 teacher training Yin/Yang and Mindfulness Meditation

Santosha Yoga - Insightful Teachers Course


CPD on inspirational and creative yoga teaching beyond the poses.

Lesley Kaminoff CPD


Teaching methodology for breath centred individualised yoga

Origins of Alignment - Donna Farhi

May 2016

60 hour intensive exploring movement patterns and functional integration of the body

Art of Adjustments CPD


CPD on the art of adjustment in Yoga teaches - Andrea Kwiatowski at Camyoga

Certificate in teaching pre-natal yoga

April 2016

60 hour teacher training in yoga in pregnancy from Yoga Alliance registered Camyoga.

Teaching Yoga for Sports People

September 2014

Camyoga CPD on yoga specific to sports people

Yoga Alliance 200 hour Diploma

September 2015

Initial teacher training with Camyoga, a registered and respected provider of Yoga Alliance training taking place over the course of 12 months.

Yoga Foundation Course


60 hours over 12 months - yoga study, philosophy, history, theory and posture

Personal practice

2001 -

Regular self practice since 2001 in styles of Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Open Yoga

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